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Nicolette Hume

Great Basin Native Artist

I am a Western Shoshone Indian woman who is originally from Northern Nevada. As a child, I spent a lot of time in "Indian Country." My profession is social work, and I formerly worked on my reservation in Northern Nevada. I turned to photography as a cathartic outlet from the pressures of reservation life. The photos I've shot represent to me more than simply "beautiful scenery," but also a legacy for my kids and the land that Native Americans revere. I've used photography to record the unadulterated beauty of contemporary indigenous landscapes, particularly on my Western Shoshone Reservation.


  • West Linn Library

  • Happy Valley Library

  • Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

  • Beavercreek Public Health Center Gallery

  • Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center

  • Mary's Woods Provincial House Private Gallery

  • Clackamas County Public Services Building Gallery

  • Lake Oswego Adult Community Center Oak Room Gallery

  • "Capturing Place Exhibit" at the Arts Council of Lake Oswego

  • The Clackamas County Development Services Building Galleries


  • Clackamas County Arts Alliance   2018-Current

  • Nevada Museum of Art Great Basin Native Artist

  • Enrolled Member of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Nation

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